Blokkenspel online dating

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Play the quest mode and beat 17 unique levels, or see how long can you last in an endless survival mode."Sky Jumper Are you ready to jump far above the sky? The background is always going down so you need to jump higher before you dies! "Rowtopia Rowtopia is a new idea based on the old slider games where a player solves a puzzle by using the empty tile piece to move board pieces around. This game adds a different twist to give the player a new goal, a goal in which they must make vertical and horizontal rows of like shapes to remove all the light colored tiles from the board and move to the next level. If you cannot destroy all the marbles before they reach the hole, then you lose the game.Press the mouse button to shoot marbles and press the space bar to swap the marble to be shoot."Fifteen Number Sliding Puzzle (n=16) Classic fifteen number sliding puzzle. "Side Effect Place colored pieces into the game field to connect center and the colored sides!If you hover with the mouse over a block you can light up the blocks that are on the left, right, top and bottom if they are the same color.3 different game modes."Crosszle 3D: part two Click a block in the grid to select it.If this number is zero then the square appears blank, and the surrounding squares are automatically also revealed."Fillzone Duo Challenge other players hard A. to fill the board with one color by swapping the tile colors in this challenging virus-like puzzle game! and you get your moves challenged by thousands of others."Funny Smile Games Today is a great festival of funny smiles. The colour combinations are based in the colour wheel and you can play the game with additive colours (lights) or subtractive colours (paints, dyes).Play strategically and smart to beat your opponent. Colour Tris is a fun way to learn colour theory and what colours combine with each others."Crosszle 3D Click a block in the grid to select it.

Create a match with three or more blocks of the same color to earn points.

"Vbrix Click with the mouse on any block and drag out a rectangle having all four corners of the same color to free it and get points and time.

Free all blocks before the time has ended to go to the next level."Copy Me Do Find the green orbs and stay away from the red.

Zo kan je elke dag nieuwe spellen spelen in een up-to-date speelomgeving. Zo hoef je nog niet te kunnen lezen en toch al bij je favoriete kinderspel terecht komen.

We proberen de site regelmatig te vernieuwen door dagelijks nieuwe spellen toe te voegen en ook nieuwe leuke en makkelijke toepassingen toe te voegen.

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