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Here are some email lists designed for or about women and girls of a particular age (e.g., in their teens, their fifties, etc.).If the instructions say "send usual subscription message," the message to send is SUBSCRIBE [listname] Your Name (e.g., SUBSCRIBE WOMEN20S Jane Doe): CARE ABOUT GIRLS is a list for adults who care about girls: parents, teachers, coaches, counselors, pastors, troop leaders, relatives, researchers, etc.LEZSINGL50 is a list where single lesbians over 50 can "socialize, express our thoughts, network, share experiences, reminisce, solve the problems of the world, make new friends, and have some fun online." You can subscribe by sending an email message to Lez [email protected] information can be found at Lez Singl50 web page.For more information or to subscribe, see the GIRLS_STUDIES web page at Yahoo Groups.THE GIRL ZONE is a list for lesbian and bisexual women under the age of 18. Everybody says that I'm very smart, kind and beautiful blonde. Yes, it may be naive, but there is always hope for some miracle. I can say, that I am a wonderful friend and listener. I enjoy life and believe in living it to the fullest I.. Not a great fan of shopping or TV, but enjoy conversation and getting out and about in my free time.

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GFWIS (Gerontologists/Geriatricians for Women in Society) is a dialogue tool for gerontology and geriatric professionals interested in issues specific to elderly women, women as caretakers of the elderly, and female healthcare and human services providers and educators.L-PLUS is a list for lesbians 50 and over (think of the Roman numeral L). Be sure to use pointed brackets around your email address.To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE L-PLUS Firstname Lastname to [email protected] If you have a signature file, be sure to add the word END on a line by itself after the subscription request line.They describe themselves as "a lively bunch, sometimes serious, often playful, irreverent, and flirtatious.In addition we have annual meet-ups at various locations around the US." For more information or to join, see the Les Renegades50 web page.

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