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At the end of each episode the host pretended that she could see the viewers through her "Magic Mirror." She would recite a list of random names, to give the impression that her farewell is personalized.After a few episodes, even kids realize that the host can't actually "see" them.Mediums often claim the spirits communicate via sights, sounds, and even smells. learned with meditation over 13 years and i now feel more whole than i ever have!This frames the spirit world in a way the living can understand, as an extension of the natural world. If you are ill informed and have not experienced meditation over a long period of time on what basis can you write something so misleading turning other Psychic/mediumistic people away from finding their true self, when they may need help at a time when they are desperate to find answers to what they are experiencing, all the worlds great minds over centuries have searched for the answers and still do!Mediums give horoscope-like personality readings that use Barnum statements. It would explain your negative slant with this article. Indigenous peoples worldwide are masters of silent knowledge snd shamanic intuitive processes.These involve generalizations about character that can apply to many people. True psychics know exact and detailed information without having to fish for it. Thank God for genuine psychics like Edwards and Praagh who show westerners how this is done.John Edward claims most of his messages are visual; the spirits point to parts of their bodies to reveal their cause of death, or show him something to communicate to the subject. " These strategies tailor the reading to fit the subject, meanwhile making the subject do the work by making the connections. The world was once flat We now travel in space We can't see electricity Quantum Mechanics Theory, the atom! Quantum theory of the senses = Enlightenment and understanding will come, when you need it, and when you do the love you feel is there & is unconditional. I have worked for some of the Internet’s top ranking psychic networks.

This involves observation, psychology and elicitation to provide the appearance of psychic powers.For example, Sylvia Browne is known for diagnosing everyone with a thyroid disorder and recommending everyone take a lecithin supplement. Sorry,you cant take math,logical thought and rational linear thinking and study something as ephemeral and fluid as psychic awareness.This is followed by more validation in the form of a psychic reading of the deceased, and usually the subject too. To Accessed 10/02/2011Did you go to a bad psychic? I recently spoke to a deceased male relative for a women that gave me the pet name that he used to call her as a little child when he was was alive. That peice of information was something that she only knew. Its like taking a ruler and trying to measure a cloud.But no one is ever diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease; mediums cite statistically common illnesses and causes of death. Yet another tired ,non researched armchair critique of an entire field of study she knows nothing about.Cancer and heart disease are perennial favorites, but most mediums have their failsafe diagnoses and cures. Sounds like she's trying to convince herself of something she finds disturbing or to non linear .

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