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In a project called AI100, based at Stanford, scientific experts, teamed with philosophers, ethicists, legal scholars and others trained to explore values beyond simple visceral reactions, will undertake this. "It's foundational," an AI researcher told me recently.No one expects easy or final answers, so the task will be long and continuous, funded for a by one of AI's leading scientists, Eric Horvitz, who, with his wife Mary, conceived this unprecedented study. "It's us looking out at the world, and how we do it." He's right. Some say we do it because it's there, an Everest of the mind.One of AI's futures is imagined as a wise and patient Jeeves to our mentally negligible Bertie Wooster selves: This is possible, certainly desirable. Chess offers a model: Grandmasters Garry Kasparov and Hans Berliner have both declared publicly that chess programs find moves that humans wouldn't, and are teaching human players new tricks.If Big Blue beat Kasparov when he was one of the strongest world champion chess players ever, he and most observers believe that even better chess is played by teams of humans and machines combined.

Contrary to the headlines, that task has already been taken up formally by experts in the field, those who best understand AI's potential and limits.We've developed a new mind, to live side by side with ours.If we handle it wisely, it can bring immense benefits, from the planetary to the personal.What civil rights issues arise with such hybrid machines? If I copy my brain/body, does it have a right to vote, or is it redundant? I think I'm not going to worry about it for a while. There is big confusion about thinking machines, because two questions always get mixed up.A bio-brain of yesteryear with nearly perfect memory, which could reconstruct a scene with vivid prose, paintings or animation was permissible, often revered. Consider that the copies begin to diverge immediately or the copy could be intentionally different. Forget the name of that guy over there and at the same time know that it really knows the answer and if it just thinks about something else for a while might remember? Question 1 is how close to thinking are the machines we have built, or are going to build soon. The gap between our best computers and the brain of a child is the gap between a drop of water and the Pacific Ocean.

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