Dating site for sci fi fans

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The Chatter can be broadened to all users, narrowed to only the people you follow or even filtered down to an individual film to see what people are saying about it.From there, it’s easy to recognize positive reviews in blue, negative in purple and spoiler-filled reviews are clearly marked in yellow so you don’t accidentally click on them.If you love movies, but your interests are too varied to be contained to one medium, then Get Glue is for you.Much like Foursquare, you check in to your favorite activity — everything from movies, TV shows, the big game, music, books and plenty more — using the website or the mobile app.The site is gaining quite a bit of traction with online film critics, so look to connect with some of your favorite personalities from /Film,, First, Twitch and more.If your film standards lean more toward Federico Fellini than Lindsay Lohan, MUBI may be the social movie site for you.But with, you can also recommend a movie to a single user, a group of users or the community at-large.All of this activity is grouped together as part of the site’s Chatter, a Pinterest-like graphical presentation of everything users are doing.

On the site, you can set up a personal profile complete with the style of films you prefer, like Fashionable Alienation, Vanguard Cinema and Neorealist, among others.

But instead of badges, you earn stickers with every checkin.

Some stickers will give you the opportunity to win prizes, but most are simply a great way to show your geeky pride to the people that follow you.

And because you don't have to send a friend request, you can follow anyone in order to check out the latest movies they've seen, lists they've created and reviews they've written.

Just add your own two cents to one of the ubiquitous comment boxes and get the conversation rolling.

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