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Placed an order on should have tipped me off but I was trying to get a rare children's toy unavailable in the US) for .00 with free shipping worldwide.I received a cryptic generic e-mail that my card was charged for a service and it may be higher than the original cost because of foreign transactions AFTER the purchase went through. It's been a reasonable amount of time and they have yet to ship my item. So I think after getting some money they all will be gone. Then I received this e-mail: First of all, let's introduce ourselves.After I made a complain in my bank and asked to cancel my card the money was refunded to my account a couple of days later. Website is in German so it's crazy I got an e-mail saying that the amount showing on your statement will be "a bit difference" from the price on seller's website.....Immediately I cancelled the order by mail and ask for a refund.I couldn't get VISA to treat them as fraudsters so I cancelled my Visa card.

Your last tracking order message will say UNDELIVERABLE MISROUTED. According to the foreign exchange rate of the bank, the amount showing on your statement will be a bit difference from the price on seller's website. This is not uncommon, since actual retailers will sell the same items online and on e Bay.

Should be someone who checks all these fraud companies out?

I got a charge of 90 dollars from “MICROSOFT1548AUDUSDBNG REDMOND” and I recognized as a possible scam.

But it did not com to my address and the bank charged this mount for FTH*GTCLOR CO. Based upon all the insights here, I called my credit card company to cancel the authorization/pending charge after I consulted with CC's fraud dept.

Also I will get a new replacement card to avoid further damage. The charge showed up on my credit card as FHT*LAHUST.

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