Henry rollins dating quotes

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Rollins’ music career thrived as he became the frontman and vocalist of ‘State of Alert’ band.In times to follow, he was a key member of the Black Flag and Rollin Stone bands.In some airless apartment on a dark, urine stained, whore lined street, someone is calling out to you silently and you are answering without even being there. I know that you were only doing it because you knew I couldnt possibly hurt you more than I already had. I know that you think I'm to stupid to figure it all out. The time I annihilated while I waited like a man doing a life sentence. You are the only one I want to know.” ― Henry Rollins “I definitely learned a lesson this time. If you really want to rebel against your parents, out-learn them, outlive them, and know more than they do.” ― Henry Rollins “If I lose the light of the sun, I will write by candlelight, moonlight, no light. I am a man under the moon, walking the streets of earth until dawn. The moon does not care who you want to touch or what color you are. The moon never tries to get in on the guest list or use your name to impress others. When others insult or belittle in an attempt to elevate themselves, the moon sits passively and watches, never lowering itself to anything that weak. There would be a pleasing feeling of familiarity and a sense of welcome in everything I saw. They would remind me of the length of my absence and the thousands of miles I had travelled in those restless years, but mostly, they would tell me that I had been missed, and that things were better now I had returned. Even when you like them and want nothing more than to be closer to them? The moon does not take antidepressants and never gets sent to prison. Someone.” ― Henry Rollins “its no surprise to me that anyone hardly tells the truth about how they feel. Why would you want to tell anyone anything that's dear to you?Acting Afghanistan Age Animals Appreciation Art Black Sabbath Bodybuilding Bones Books Bullshit Capitalism Cars Character Children Choices Civil Rights Coffee Constitution Cops Country Culture Darkness Democracy Desire Destiny Doubt Dreams Driving Drugs Earth Eating Economy Effort Ego Enemies Environment Eyes Failing Fathers Feelings Fighting Film Giving Guns Gym Hate Hatred Heart Hell Hendrix High School Home Homophobia Horror House Hurt Identity Injury Insanity Inspiration Jazz Joy Judging Justice Karma Killing Kindness Libraries Life Life And Death Listening Literature Loneliness Los Angeles Losing Lying Making Money Meetings Memories Middle Class Military Mothers Office Opportunity Pain Parents Parties Past Politicians Poverty Pride Prisons Punk Punk Rock Quality Racism Rage Reading Reality Retirement Revenge Rings Running Sabbath Sadness School Selling Singing Slaves Sleep Soldiers Songs Soul South Africa Speed Spring Sudan Suffering Summer Take Care Talent Today Training Travel Understanding Violence Waiting Walking Wall War Water Wife Winter Work Out Writing "There's nothing new about the government protecting corporations and calling it the freeing of the world or bringing democracy to bereft nations.

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Henry Rollins If I lose the light of the sun, I will write by candlelight, moonlight, no light, If I lose paper and ink, I will write in blood on forgotten walls. I will capture nights all over the world and bring them to you.

Apart from his career in the entertainment industry, Rollins has powerfully used his social position to campaign for and promote LGBT rights, World Hunger Relief, the West Memphis Three and an end to war in particular.

The rich legacy of his work includes some of the highly meaningful quotes that he has written over the years.

I hope I end up a blithering idiot cursing the sun - hallucinating, screaming, giving obscene and inane lectures on street corners and public parks.

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