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Norma Jeane in her premiere performance for Video Team has scored a first time knockout.As a Marilyn retro, Norma Jeane proves that Likes It Hot.The pair have the energy to convince sweet girl, Norma Jeane (who fell in the shower) that she's a porno star.Through a phone conversation with her boyfriend, Marc Wallice, we learn that this is a con game and Norma doesn't have amnesia.Taking place in, and on a convertible, the pair wax and buff one another from rear to hood.Vince handles her curves well as the pair hump and grind to a screeching halt.(There are more balls in her then the left field bleachers after batting practice).

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Norma Jeane, who pleases with butt tease throughout this tape, is also on hand for the tape's opener as she helps Tammi Ann relieve Tom Byron of some stress.And, by the time the smoke clears, this anal adventure will probably be one of the company's biggest-selling titles of all time.Nowhere is this new camera-work (micro close-ups with a dizzying feeling of being on a roller coaster) more sturdy and resolute than a threeway which matches up Peter North with Norma Jeane and Marilyn Martin.Tammi Ann is probably best known for her willingness to go into areas where many other women of porn would never dare to go.Her acting talent, charm and slim but perfectly proportioned body made her wild sex scenes seem an everyday event.

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