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Yet, society is not just the sum of its individuals; it is shaped by social relations.The focus on individual consumption ignores the peculiarity of the social processes intrinsic to capitalism.Yes the aviation industry is a major problem, as the fastest growing source of C02 emissions plans for expansion fly in the face of any commendable efforts to tackle climate change.Heathrow seemed an obvious choice simply because of its size and expansion plans.” This was the impulsive thought that was playing on our minds as we followed eight politicians and herds of protesters to Germany; to meet Shift contributors, eat in squats, sleep in tents and on dirty floors, drink 50p-a-bottle beer with ‘the movement’, and of course to “shut them down” – again.Throughout the journey, this impulse became a much reflected upon certainty (avoiding the quick guilty trip by plane allowed us the luxury of 26 hour-a-go bus journeys and plenty of time to think).But to make radical politics work, we need to come up with more than just big=evil!Sometimes the Camp for Climate Action transcended such simple equations, but more often than not it presented itself as a protest for austerity.

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And Climate Camp brings forward convincing arguments against the unequal distribution of power in society as one of the root causes of climate change.This green Thatcherism is one that we can see in the UK’s political centre. are its true inheritors, with policy proposals that are aimed at consumer behaviour.Accordingly, Hillman, Monbiot and other movement theorists demand government action to make individuals comply with a more ‘ethical’ lifestyle.Anti-consumerist and “Bush go home” slogans were also heard on neo-Nazi marches.The common target on both sides of the political spectrum was the greed of a few causing unemployment, ecological disaster, widespread poverty and imperialist war.

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