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Cindy’s in a major Omega campaign, Naomi’s back on the catwalk and Donatella broke the internet with her reunion of the ‘famous five’ for the Versace SS18 show.As the original supers stalk back into the spotlight, Autumn Whitefield-Madrano asks just what made them ‘supermodels’, and can the new-gen girls ever come close?To be a supermodel is to be an entity larger than that of fashion plate: Lisa Fonssagrives, a Swede widely considered to be the very first of the type, is perhaps known as such because she leveraged her modelling streak of the 40s into a fashion-design career.

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goes in for theatrical effect; always has an expression of “Ha! More blood…”’ With each person dubbed a ‘supermodel’ over the 75 years it took for the term to take hold, the profession took form.If you were old enough to reach a newsagent counter in 1990, you’ll remember that cover: Naomi, Linda, Tatjana, Christy and Cindy, high-glam action figures clustered together, gazing at us on the front of January Vogue.Even those of us who fancied ourselves too lofty for supermodel daydreams were entranced by Peter Lindbergh’s black and white photo, elevated from the realm of fashion and approaching something closer to cinema.They were in control of their bodies, careers and the clothes they agreed to wear – and they sold them.It is less about possessing beauty and more about possessing a ‘look’– one that can shift depending on circumstance and styling, of course.

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