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The fish grow in their natural environment, without the use of cages and without environmental pollution.'Feeding is more economical and is based mainly on food found naturally.' Previous studies have shown that goldfish are capable of remembering and learning - and that they outshine trout in the intelligence stakes.

Scientists at St Andrews University in Scotland found minnows to be at least as intelligent as rats.

But once I did, I would be bombarded with pictures of willies and all sorts."Some of them were so hilarious, I had to show the girls in the office.

At first I was really shocked by it, but it happened so often, it just became laughable."I wouldn’t say I’m very attractive, but I was getting about 53 emails a day from men which would be alerted to on my phone.

The majority of messages sent outside those age ranges are all about hook-ups,” he wrote.

She started dating online with the hope of eventually beginning a relationship.

But the founder of one of Britain’s biggest dating website has now decided to take radical action to root out fake and sleazy profiles - after revealing that many of the “women” who use the hook-ups section of his site are actually men in disguise.

Writing to members on Monday, Markus Frind, the Canadian founder of Plenty of Fish (POF), said that he had been forced to make a series of changes to its membership rules because too many male users are harassing women for sex.

The creatures said to have a mere three-second memory span can actually recall information for up to five months.

But scientists believe fish may have hidden depths.

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