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‘Webcams can be easily compromised by even inexperienced and unsophisticated adversaries if the model of a webcam is inherently vulnerable due to a lack of security-by-design,’ he said.

‘Or, if it is intentionally made vulnerable during production as part of an adversarial nation-state campaign, or if the consumer practices poor cyber-hygiene and Information Security.’ As easy as it is for someone to hack, it’s a bit harder to spot when you’re the one being targeted.

When they check in on their anniversary, they are given an option to rent adult movies to view in the room. When they retire to the room and put the movie on, they What could be a more painfully embarrassing and shocking violation of your privacy than discovering someone had been watching you (without your consent or knowledge) while you were engaged in the deeply personal and intimate act of making love with your partner?

How about finding out that someone had secretly made a video tape of the that had been distributed to countless others for their viewing pleasure? Tales of peepholes set up to allow the furtive observance of people’s private activities in bathrooms and hotel rooms — and lawsuits resulting from them — have been circulating for years, many of them based on real incidents.

So how can you tell if your camera has been compromised? James Scott, senior fellow at the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology in the US, recently published a paper called: ‘America Exposed: Who’s Watching You Through Your Computer’s Camera?

‘ He told uk that it’s surprisingly easy for hackers to take over your camera – or that sometimes, the malware could be installed before you even buy your computer.

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‘More technical indicators that are more difficult to obfuscate include the transmission of audio or video traffic from the device, the presence of running webcam processes and services, audio and video storage files and logs.’ Cleaning your devices up when they’ve been compromised is even trickier – but it’s do-able.

You should then uninstall your webcam drivers, and run a complete scan of all of your drives using reputable anti-virus and anti-malware software (Malware Bytes is pretty decent).

Once you’ve done this, and you’ve rid your computer of any malware lurking about, you can reinstall the drivers and disable the firewall rule.

Scott, however, said that a major clue is if the little LED light next to your camera is on, even when you’re not using it.

‘The most obvious indication that a webcam has been hacked is the activation of the indicator light,’ he said.

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