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See More Just like watching for iconic commercials and hating on the Patriots, Pornhub's annual data analysis has become something of a Super Bowl tradition.The adult site has been posting its stats from the big game since 2014 and the analysis includes most searched terms and changes in traffic during the big game.Jazz fans can expect to hear Johnston’s voice at the “best she has ever sounded” as it has “improved with her confidence and her experience through the years and her range has increased with it, which is fantastic”, he said.Around for 33 years, the band will showcase some new songs and many of their old standards “which people know and love” like Special Star, Dance Some More or Moments Away, when they take to the stage next week, still very much themselves, said Leyden.Tweets by @albaoiljobs HONESTe publishes individual "consumer information pages" for all of our member's websites.

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Tickets cost R600 per person which includes free access to Rush all weekend. Whether you’re a first time LAN attendee or a veteran NAG LANner, everything you need to know about how the LAN works and what you need to bring can be found in the detailed FAQ on the NAG forums.

Bitcoin may be down, but oh man Buttcoin has never been better. dev talk video posted Monday with producer Yoshiaki Koizumi shows the poor man uncomfortably dodging explicit questions about the (literal) seedy underbelly of Mario's life. More about Entertainment, Nintendo, Mario, Super Mario Odyssey, and Entertainment When 13-year-old Ryan Mc Kenna tried to take a selfie with Justin Timberlake during the Super Bowl halftime show, he instantly became a meme.

As cryptocurrency investors around the world bemoan the loss of their life savings, a contrarian community that prefers to see the humor in the recent correction has formed online under the banner of Buttcoin. Like some sort of Mirror Universe version of r/Bitcoin, the Buttcoin subreddit is filled with memes and posts applauding every downward-trending Bitcoin milestone. "Why does Mario have nipples, but not a belly button? Twitter was flooded with pictures and GIFs of Mc Kenna on his phone during the performance, while Justin Timberlake danced only a few inches away.

According to Pornhub, its most searched term was, unsurprisingly, "Super Bowl." Other notable searches include Tom Brady, Janet Jackson, and touchdown.

The post says, "We’re afraid to see if any porn videos actually end with either partner shouting “touchdown! More about Data, Super Bowl, Pornhub, Culture, and Sports Well, that was weird.

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