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“Sometimes these types of investigations just take a while, because we have to do it right. We want to make sure that we look at every piece of evidence, that we turn over every rock, if you will, and then turn over every rock under a rock.

You can’t go fast on these.”“I don’t believe that there is an immediate threat to members of our public from these people.

Powell, 48, of Sandy, Utah, are each charged with felony counts of aggravated battery, injury to a child, burglary and grand theft. A 16-year-old boy and his parents told Cassia County Sheriff deputies he was hunting Wednesday at 3175 E. The larger man, later identified as Powell, approached and grabbed the boy by the throat and began punching him, police said.

The teen told police he stayed down and pretended he was unconscious after the men beat him and searched his pickup.

Police Chief Craig Kingsbury wouldn’t confirm the names of those present that night, but did say during an interview Thursday he has “absolutely no reason to believe that any member of the public has any reason to be in danger as a result of that particular case.”After conferring with Loebs, Kinsgbury gave this official statement over the phone last Friday: “This situation, we are confident we have interviewed the other people present when Mr.

Mohlman died, and we don’t believe other people were involved.

“But I also would be irresponsible to say that it doesn’t concern me that we have a murderer out there — that we don’t know who he is, or she. So we are working very hard to bring closure both for the Widaman family as well as this community and to bring whoever is responsible to justice.”The police chief defended his department’s resources and ability to solve the Widaman case, while Loebs also praised the “competent job” of the detectives.“I get the public’s trepidation.

“And I think it’s safe to say we’re in marathon mode on this investigation.”Early in the investigation, Kingsbury said the shooting “appeared to have been a disagreement between the victim and the assailants.” A police statement released the day after Widaman’s death also said several leads “indicate that the shooting was an isolated incident and there is no threat to the public.”But with one person in the argument dead and the other person or people still not found, how could police know it was a disagreement and there was no threat to the public?TWIN FALLS • The murder last March of Glenn Russell Cawley is one of three recent, open, uncharged homicide investigations in Twin Falls County. Charles Edward Gray, 41, and Denise Suzanne Servin, 35, were arrested the morning of Mohlman’s death.The Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office is handling the Cawley murder investigation, while the Twin Falls Police Department is investigating the unrelated homicides earlier this of Joseph Lee Mohlman, 38, and Vason Lee Widaman, 15. While they were both charged on felony counts stemming from a police sting last year — charges unrelated in court to Mohlman’s death — a defense attorney mentioned during a preliminary hearing that both Gray and Servin were in the house the morning of the homicide investigation. Both times Gray arrived at the meeting place in a green Ford Expedition registered to Servin, who was a passenger on both occasions.“There are a lot of pieces of these investigations that we just can’t comment on,” Kingsbury said.“It would get in to evidence that may or may not have been uncovered, and it’s not fair or proper for me to comment on any evidence garnered in this investigation.”Kingsbury reiterated though that police still believe the shooting was the result of “a disagreement between the victim and whoever the killer or killers were.”“I don’t believe that there is an immediate threat to members of our public from these people,” Kingsbury explained.

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