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Also, there’s clinical evidence that people can have multiple orientations along the same dimension.

The clearest example is bisexuality, but there are also (rare) cases in which pedophiles are also gerontophiles, for example.

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When the subject of expanding the boundaries of sexual orientation comes up, people tend to draw sloppy analogies between pedophilia and homosexuality, for example, arguing that lumping them together under the rubric of sexual orientation either excuses pedophilia or kneecaps moral arguments for gay rights.

But what matters is whether the pursuit of sexual gratification harms other people — pedophilia does, homosexuality doesn’t.

That’s part of his broader attempt to expand the boundaries of sexual orientation as a concept, in light of research from him and others suggesting other dimensions matter as well. One of Seto’s biggest contributions to this field, so far, has been to argue that pedophilia should be considered a sexual orientation.

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The world’s many connoisseurs of granny porn likely agree.The word is derived from the Greek root mesos, meaning intermediate.” The top terms are the words used to describe attraction to various age groups.The bottom terms are paraphilias, meaning — to oversimplify a bit — sexual urges that researchers find unusual and which seem to pop up a lot.That’s the point hammered home in a new article in a special issue of the journal dedicated to the puzzle of sexual orientation. Seto, the forensic research director at the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group, the article focuses particularly on what are known as chronophilias, or sexual orientations which target certain age groups (the article is paywalled, but Seto said anyone who wants a copy can contact him via email or Twitter).“One of the things I’m hoping to do in this paper is to point out what a huge frontier chronophilias are,” he told Science of Us via DM. And, most importantly from the point of view of criminological and forensics work, by older people or younger ones?

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