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Some of his works are hilarious, some are depressing, and others are somewhere in the middle where you can't figure out what you're supposed to gain from it.

Reader responses are rather subjective; many enjoy it for the messages they receive from it, and others dislike it for how hard Winston tries to hammer in his morality.

I'm very outgoing, love to laugh and have good time I love music,nature and all that is good.

I like more a more fem woman I only want one to share years of growing,learning and enjoying life.

Bonus points for the listener asking with a horrified tone "What was that last one again? We wouldn't have our gallows, or our shiny Bigfoot trap.

" and the last harmless option before the horrifying one being repeated instead. It's not the mayor's fault that the stadium collapsed!

A common variation has one additional, harmless (but often comically inappropriate) item tacked on to the end of the list.

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Contrast Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking, which is in the opposite order and where the mood is lightened by including something silly. When this trope name is taken literally, see: Oh Wait, This Is My Grocery List. The sky was clear, with only some little clouds showing here and there. He had a nice little house, with two well furnished bedrooms, a comfortable bed, a simple but welcoming living room, coffee waiting for him in his convenient kitchen and a dead body at his front door. Penny: In the last week you have dragged me to a karate pilates class, made me test-drive a Yaris, and talked me into seeing a children's production of "Hair," which thankfully, got shut down before the second act.

is a webcomic with a whole lot of words created by Winston Rowntree.

Now every inattentive boyfriend, bratty teenager or serial killer can be diagnosed by “us”, the healthy.

From a base of hesitancy and repression, Witt embarks on a journey that leads her to the orgy tent at the Burning Man festival, a live pornography shoot and a sex party named Thunderwear IV, after which she sees sex “as a way to become closer to people who intrigued me, whom I wanted to understand better”.

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