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Misplaced or corrupt DLL file can also affect the Direct X and prevent them from running any multimedia tool smoothly.This situation generally appears when you updated your system with the available update.If you want to fix this issue then reinstall the graphic card drivers.Go through the below given steps and reinstall the appropriate graphics driver for your system: If you are unable to find and download the appropriate graphics driver for your computer then you can also use a professional driver updater tool.It is one of the necessary parts of Windows 10 and all the multimedia applications rely on it to execute without any error.

updating direct x-48

updating direct x-61

Simply apply the below given troubleshoot carefully and Fix Direct X Failure Errors.

UPDATE: FOR ANYONE EXPERIENCING THIS ISSUE WATCH THE FOLLOWING VIDEO. v=Pme5GTj FJow&t=3s ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I was playing ranked just fine a day or two ago with no substantial issues at all however, with the new update i found the following issue had occurred; * I could access the client perfectly fine, Joined a ranked game and completed the champion select screen, but when the client went to load the loading screen the following message appeared over my desktop instead.

" An unknown directx error has occured..."_(refer to the link_).

After the incident i played OW and WT for a few hours on high graphics and had no issues at all.

I also rebooted my computer after the incident to see if it would fix the problem , however it did not.

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